From Chicago To Brazil – A Week Of Adventures and Misadventures

I’m getting better about traveling for work.  However, there is always some unplanned event that catches me off guard. Enter this week’s misadventure. On A Plane. Again. We fly Southwest and that’s fine by me.  However, Southwest seems to offer this make-a-new-friend or have-a-great-story-by-sitting-next-to-a-complete-stranger seating arrangement program. Generally, passengers  follow some basic flight etiquette, which […]

Lewis Black & Gardening In Arizona

More Time, Please Just A Little More The weekend is a beautiful, and at the same time, cruel invention. The end of the week. Two days of rest. Why must it be just two days? Two days that go flying by. I mustn’t complain too loudly as I did have a momentous time away from […]