From Chicago To Brazil – A Week Of Adventures and Misadventures

I’m getting better about traveling for work.  However, there is always some unplanned event that catches me off guard. Enter this week’s misadventure. On A Plane. Again. We fly Southwest and that’s fine by me.  However, Southwest seems to offer this make-a-new-friend or have-a-great-story-by-sitting-next-to-a-complete-stranger seating arrangement program. Generally, passengers  follow some basic flight etiquette, which […]

SMOCA ‘Em If You Got ‘Em

Art. What a revered word. It’s silly to give that much power to three letters: A-R-T. However, I think it’s completely natural. The next step, at least for me, would be to define what art is. And how many books, articles, lectures have been spent debating what “art” is?  Moving past that, I would venture […]