Have A Good Day

“Have a nice day.” Wouldn’t it be great if that actually meant something when someone said it to you as they handed you a receipt? And if not for that transaction, would you have heard the expression anywhere else?

Have a Good Day is an interesting idea that came from a writing prompt of creating a national holiday but instead of focusing on the writing prompt, it’s become more of an Observation & Ramblings as I ponder the logistics of what if — what if this was a real national holiday.

One day a year is dedicated to buying our sweethearts flowers and candy; giving thanks and eating turkey, to be conscious of the Earth and even a day to Talk Like a Pirate. What about a day of giving? A day dedicated of doing nice things for others just because we can and we want everyone to have a Good Day.

Would love to see how this holiday could become commercialized like Christmas or Halloween. Perhaps stores would dedicate a portion of their proceeds to a charitable organization. For example, pet food stores could donate to a local animal shelter and grocery stores could donate to a food bank.

Imagine all the nice things people would do for others, from taking the day off to work at a soup kitchen or clean up the neighborhood to giving a homeless man a meal or as simple as helping an older couple put their groceries into their car.

Or, even saying “have a good day!” and meaning it.


What do you think? (Don't hold back, please share!)

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