Is Anyone Happy?

With a multitude of feelings and states-of-being for us to choose from, why is it that as a majority, we’re a bunch of unhappy, miserable-looking group of people? Don’t believe me? Go people-watching at everyday places like the store.

Ok, here comes a qualifier: I’m not implying that people walk around smiling all the time (otherwise it’s —watch out, here comes that creepy, pyscho-murderer person.)

What I am asking is this: Is anyone happy?

To which I anticipate this response: What is there to be happy about? We’re a miserable-lot because this is a miserable place.

And this is where I must disagree. How could a place (and by place, please interpret that to mean “this world”) that gives us the following things, be described as “miserable”?

  • Babies & Puppies
  • Siberian Huskies
  • Coffee & Chocolate
  • Crabs (The kind you eat!)
  • Music & Dancing
  • Oceans & Rainforests
  • Ladybugs & Penguins
  • Gene Kelly & Alice Munro
  • Gerbera Daisies
  • Sushi, Guacamole, Corn on the Cobb and all other delicious foodstuffs

So, clearly, it’s not this place. Maybe it’s us? Here comes the mini-revelation:

Could it be that we choose to be miserable to ourselves, to one another and this magnificent place?

Cheer up, kid. Let’s play nice with others, appreciate the good things and be happy.


4 thoughts on “Is Anyone Happy?

  1. I agree, we all have things to be happy in this life. We gotta remember to count all of those simple and littla things in life that give us joy.

  2. You are absolutely correct! Sometimes you gotta dig a bit, but the good things in life are always there. My favorite on your list? Edible crabs!

  3. Is happy and content one and the same? I feel like “Happy” is a feeling that could change in a split second. Like I can be happy now but sad later. With “Content”, it’s a mix of happiness and sadness with a majority of happy moments that make your day. I am content. :)

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