Killer Tofu

Not quite like the Killer Tomatoes and more like Nickelodeon’s Doug’s favorite rock band, The Beets, and their “hit.” But now that I’ve gone on some random tangent, par the course, I’ve got to sing the praises of tofu and no longer eating meat. But first —

What is it?

First introduced to tofu in college I wasn’t sure what to make of the bland, tasteless and a repulsive texture that I knew as “tofu.” With an already terrible track record in the kitchen, I tried to make tofu burgers and doused it with white pepper. The results were two gigantic burgers that fell apart and pierced our sinuses.

I’ve come to learn, and not from my personal cooking experiences, that the beauty of tofu is its ability to be a blank slate and take on other flavors. And as a newly-minted vegetarian, this bean curd is one of my favorite proteins.

Neat-O: Tofu is made from coagulating soy milk and then pressing the resulting curds into blocks. But if you’d like to learn more, watch this.

Some delicious tofu dishes

Salt and Pepper tofu from J&K Chinese in Arizona — its one of the dishes that once ordered, it has to be ordered again. And again. And so is the case for us. The “medium” tofu is pan-fried and crispy, seasoned with salt and pepper and served with jalapeno and onion slices.

Pineapple Curry from Mint Thai Cafe in Arizona – This red curry dish is spicy and creamy, courtesy of the coconut milk. The pineapple adds refreshing citrus and the tofu and rice  soak it all up.

Tofu can do more than Asian dishes, too. One of our semi-homemade recipes include No Pudge brownies but replacing the yogurt with soft, or silken, tofu to make them more moist than the oil-laden variety. And, for the tofu-doubters out there, grab a box at the store, try it and you’ll never even know there was tofu in the batch.

My personal victory

Since I’ve started down the I-want-to-be-a-vegetarian path, I’ve not noticed much of a difference except most of my belly fat is gone (good riddance!) and I’ve gone down a pant size!

Here’s to killer tofu!


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