The Life Cycle of Pop Music

Love Me!


Pop songs. They abruptly appear on the radio waves, are “catchy” or enjoyable for perhaps a day, then replayed to ad nauseam. And so is the life cycle of a pop song.

First, The Songs Appear

An avid fan of scanning radio stations, I’ll often stumble across a new tune without a proper introduction. When I do catch a DJ prepping a song it’s usually with adjectives like “hot” or “fresh.” New songs have the same qualities as freshly baked bread. Regardless of how I find the song, my initial reaction is:

  • What is this crap?
  • They’re calling this a song?
  • Did [the artist] even write this?
  • My God, what is that high-pitched squealing?
  • Fantastic! Another English word slaughtered to later be incorporated into everyday nomenclature. [Chorus line: “Youda the best” “I’m the ish” and “Imma be” to name a few.]

Random Thought Alert: To that point, I’ve deduced that pronouncing words is uncool, but truncating or compounding words is good. Good Speak. GoodSpeak.

Define Catchy

Pleasing and easily remembered / Likely to attract interest or attention. So, a song that is likely to attract interest from a massive group due to pleasing qualities and is easily remembered. I’d argue that catchy is also a learned characteristic.

By this point I’ve heard the song between five to 15 times and I like it. I’m showing all the signs from dancing in the car while in traffic to singing along although it’s been advised that I don’t sing. Ever.

Why Couldn’t I Have Been Born Deaf?

Now I’ve heard the song in question 150+ times. I can identify the song within the first five notes. My pupils dilate at the mention of the artist and I have to wonder, Why couldn’t I have been born deaf?

The Scan button on the radio dial is heavily used as I search the stations for something, anything. Then I hear, “here’s a fresh new song from MadamGooGoo. It’s hot.”


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