Where Am I?

I got lost. Again.  It’s been said that I have a terrible sense of direction. But that can’t be accurate as it implies that I even have a sense of direction AT ALL.

My Trusty Compass

"You are completely lost!"

Prior to embarking on my latest adventure — to pick up photos from the convenient store “near” my house — I visited a well-known website, put in my destination’s address and then emailed these directions to my phone. I wasn’t alarmed that I was driving down a freeway that I never take to get home from work.  My faith in Google was unshakeable and aside from the heavy traffic and inconsiderate drivers who weren’t keen on using their blinkers, the drive was somewhat enjoyable.

After 45 minutes I arrived.  Only I arrived to a dead-end; construction had stopped on the road where Google indicated my building (and my pictures) were supposed to be.

Just my luck.

When I spoke with the amused clerk at the store I was supposed to be at she provided me with the crossroads and the insight that I was 10 miles north of where I needed to be. So helpful.

A Time To Reflect

Not that being lost doesn’t have some merit.  Being lost gives time for reflection, increases self-awareness and gives one a reminder (in my case, frequent reminder) of the importance of keeping cool under stress. Plus it gives you an opportunity to sightsee.

I noticed some quaint restaurants and dive bars I’d not heard of that perhaps warranted a try. Two immaculate neighborhoods with perfectly aligned poplar trees down the meridian of the entryway to the community. And with the summer quickly approaching the Valley, barbecues were firing up and filling my car with smoky goodness. Albeit, I’m not one to enjoy a beef frank now…

But inevitably, as I was reflecting, my turn came faster than expected and when I finally decided what I’d do next, I was two blocks away and pumping fists into the steering wheel. After doubling back and only taking right turns, I made it. With photos, and massive amounts of chocolate, safe in my car I looked down to my dashboard to see that my gas tank was half empty.

As I drove home, which included several more wrong turns, I wasn’t upset for the time spent driving around town. Maybe, I’ll want to come back and explore these areas more. Only, how did I get there again?


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