You Are What You Eat

piglet gerbera
Could you eat me?

Barbecued steak from the grill with charred lines. Medium rare. Chorizo infused mac and cheese. Chicken that had been cooking in its own juices for two hours in the dutch oven. Tacos del pastor from a Mexican taco stand. All mouth-watering foodstuffs that I’ve craved for 25 years. But, not any more.

My husband — and chef extraordinaire — came to the realization that at every meal we were eating meat; predominately meat with maybe a side of veggies. And so it was he who started to suggest that maybe we go easy on the meat intake or forego it all together. At the time, the idea was dismissed with a wave but implanted in my subconscious.

“I don’t eat anything with a  face.” I used to be the girl who would make fun of people who would say this. I’d draw smiley faces on bananas or eat my turkey sandwiches obnoxiously near them. The concept was so foreign to me.

But then one day the switch was flipped. I no longer craved meat. Much thanks goes to Food, Inc. for putting everything into perspective and shedding light into how our food is produced and treated before it’s on our plates.


“They cannot. The definition is very clear. Its someone who doesn’t eat anything from a killed animal.”  As quoted from Juliet Gellatley, founder and director of Viva! (Vegetarians’ International Voice for Animals) who responded to the question if fish eaters could call themselves vegetarians. (Source:

Well, Ms. Gellately, I guess I’m not a true vegetarian. I’m slightly saddened by this but my spirits are lifted by some of the other wannabes:

  • Flexitarian
  • Partly Vegetarian
  • Meat Avoider
  • Meat Reducer

And the best of all: Fauxgetarian. Per Urban Dictionary, this is someone who claims to be a vegetarian after watching too many PETA videos but occasionally eats meat or just chicken.

But for me, I fall into one of these three monikers:

  • Pescetarian
  • Fish Eating Vegetarian
  • Pesco ovo lacto vegetarian

Pescetarian. It has a nice ring to it. And it’s quite tasty too!


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