Book Review: Lucky or Smart? Secrets to an Entrepreneurial Life

At 58 pages this book can be downed in an afternoon, or in my case, two nights after jammed-packed days. Bo Peabody provides great insights in a bite-sized book about how to recognize the value of when you’re getting lucky in business, when an ego is appropriate and when it gets in the way and other worthy tid-bits.

Here are my favorite gems:

By definition, the news has already happened. And the more you fill your head with the past, the less room there is to think about the future.”

This advice is good for anyone, especially those who spend gobs of time reading newspapers, watching the news (or worse, TV!) instead of just doing or creating.

No matter what, above all else, remember that in business it never pays to get indignant in any way. In every meeting, in every situation, you must always, always, be gracious.”

I appreciate how he doesn’t use a cliche, but one does come to mind: Don’t burn bridges. Nuff said.

The sale process begins with the word ‘no.'”

To me a valuable lesson as I’ve thought “no” meant “end of transaction” but on the contrary – it’s just the beginning.

So what are you waiting for, head to the library and pick this and Rework up for some light but good reading.


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