Latest in Headline News: Molting Dogs Impede Social Life

Recently a girlfriend asked if she could come by the house since she was going to be in the area. I enjoy her company and would love to show her my humble abode. However, there’s a problem with this picture.

Fur. Tons of fur are being shed from my two Siberian huskies. In order to maintain a somewhat orderly looking home I have to keep to a strict sweeping schedule. Twice a day and maybe there’s the occasional fur tumbleweed rolling by in the corner of the room. Three times a day is ideal.

And what if she came over and was wearing black, or any other dark color, and the pups rubbed up against her clothes. Well, I know what, her clothes will be white and fuzzy. The dogs are molting and it’s impeding on my social life.

Brush them, you say? What a novel idea!

Unfortunately, when the huskies blow their coat no amount of brushing can stop the process, which could be a couple of weeks. Did I mention that I have two huskies?

Nonetheless, they are still one of my favorite breeds of all time. I love that they are terrible watch dogs — they are extremely loving and hardly ever bark. In fact they ululate, it’s comparable to a wolf’s howl. I call it singing, although mine hardly ever sing unless they’re annoyed or there’s a treat in hand.

Here’s a fine example of ululation.

Editor’s note: No, these are not my dogs or my house. Way too embarrassed to reveal that I’ve not kept up with my rigid cleaning schedule. Uh, oops.


2 thoughts on “Latest in Headline News: Molting Dogs Impede Social Life

  1. Too cute! Even with all the fur, it totally pays off. They truly are our best friends :) and your social life should be back in a few weeks :)

  2. Haha! I so empathise with that post. Fur, fur, everywur. So to bark, or roo, or whatever.

    Terrible watchdogs, loving and hardly ever bark. Great summary. Yup, we had all our ID and money stolen from the front of our vehicle when me and the dog were in the back, (screen between the two), extremely loving, young child ran up tonight and gave him a big hug. Bark? What’s that? Happens on the rare occasion we have been out without him and he hears the vehicle pull up.

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