So Over The Movies

I’m flicking through the channels when a commercial for a movie caught my attention. Not sure why since it looked pretty formulaic.

  • Main character who was a nobody was about to be more than a somebody, and actually the hero of the story.
  • Character names are difficult to remember and pronounce – Ga’Hoole?
  • Characters are actually CGI animated animals – owls, in this case.

Just about to continue mindlessly channel surfing when at the very end of the trailer it says, “Take flight in 3D.”

My desire to see this movie, which may have been at 10% — at best — dropped to 2%. Hey, if someone gave me free tickets I would close my eyes and enjoy the British and Australian accents. But then I would be missing out on all the fabulous 3D graphics popping out at me.

Personally, I’m done with 3D. I’m jumping off that bandwagon and am looking forward to the next best thing. Things like:

  • Smell-O-Movie.
  • Virtual Reality Movies or VRM.
  • Choose your own ending movies.

Here’s the trailer in question. It’s also the longest trailer I can remember watching. Ugh, just skip to the end. Or don’t.


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