The Little Things In Life

As of late I’ve stopped watching the news. Someone has hurt someone over there, someone else has robbed someone over here and it goes on and on. Not surprisingly, I seek out the company of dogs — they don’t talk, love unconditionally and enjoy the little things in life.

Exhibit A – Zander husky enjoying some peanut butter.

Maybe it’s my attachment to my boy, but I can’t help but appreciate how his face expresses sheer contentment with the peanut butter that has found his way into his life. As Jon Stewart would say, “here’s your moment of zen.”

Exhibit B – Saskia husky also enjoys peanut butter.

Such a character, this dog, and we know how much she’s enjoying “the little things in life” by how big of a stink she would create if we were to take away her “husky butter.”

Taking a lesson from my dogs here and will try to enjoy the little things in life from here on out. If you take issue, I may bite you. You’ve been warned.


One thought on “The Little Things In Life

  1. I just finished watching the videos. Are dogs allowed to eat peanut butter? I was told dogs have to keep a strict diet otherwise they will have a lot of plaque and tartar (thus dental cleaning bills goes up). Hmmm..I kinda wanna have some pbj now that I watched those videos [A few minutes later…] Okay, I just stuck my finger in a pb jar…lol no bread to eat it with.

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