Let’s Be Friends?

Do children have it all figured out? A kid will walk up to a potential playmate and ask, point blank, “Will you be my friend?” The other kid is usually pretty frank in return and that response, as I’ve seen it, is usually: “Yea!”

So innocent, pure and simple. How did adults go and muck it all up?

Image a scenario where one adult goes up to another adult at a coffee shop and says, “Will you be my friend?”
“Get away from me, freak!”

What a socially-awkward guy. We must shun that person because he lacks proper social graces.

Taking socially-awkward to the next level.

A more realistic scenario would include being introduced to potential “playmates” or hang-out buddies through mutual buddies, co-workers or if you have the gall to approach somebody at the coffee shop who’s a complete stranger you better be able to break the ice in a freak-free way by finding some shared interest and quick.

It’s hard to image a different situation since there are many people who have very little intention of being friends but rather taking your time, money or damage your trust in some capacity. Or am I wrong? Cause I started out thinking that kids were onto something, but I’m not sure I could spend the afternoon with leopard print over there.


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