Sad Saskia

It’s the weekend but one of us, sadly, had to work. Very sad. But no one is more distraught than Saskia. This Siberian Husky of ours is fully aware that something is amiss with certain things being removed from her routine.

This is my interpretation of the morning but from Saskia’s perspective.

From Saskia’s Thoughts:

The humans aren’t getting up and there’s light in the sky. That’s different. But the Alpha male is putting on work clothes. I’ve been to “work” before — there are treats given out there.

And they didn’t put me in the kennel. Perhaps I will be going to “work” where there are treats to be had and new people to meet!

Well, yes, I’m going to “work.” I’ve got to make sure he doesn’t forget to put on my leash. Dumb thing, really, but rules are rules. He’s not noticing me. Stooopid humans.

I’ll guard the door and he’ll have to notice me and realize that I am going today. Clearly.

Wait! Goodbye? What do you mean I’m not going with you. This is absurd. Oh, another one of your human tricks, is it? Yes, of course. You’re going to open the car door and then invite me in to the garage so we can go to the treat-giving place. Fantastic.

Why do I hear the noises of the garage door opening? Engine starting? Garage door closing now. What!? No! Did he leave without me? I don’t need him! I don’t need anyone! I’m going to open this door and go to “work.”

And it goes on like this until she spots me and with her beautiful, blue eyes and she implores me to take her to this “work” place. I’ve decided to come write this instead and she in turn has sulked into her kennel, narrowing those eyes and directing ill will at me.

As It Happened

If you enjoyed this video, I have plenty more. Check out the Husky Videos — next tab over. Cuteness, packaged in fur, awaits.


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