Went to Ignite Phoenix and Felt Inspired

Tonight, I went to Ignite Phoenix. To my out-of-town readers, Ignite Phoenix is a collection of people sharing things they are passionate about to an open, accepting and encouraging — huge — group of people. At least, this is how I interpreted it. You should certainly check out how they describe the grand event.

However, such a welcome exchange of ideas has inspired me to see what I’m passionate about. Especially Brandon Franklin’s presentation, but maybe not in the way he intended. His presentation was geared towards inspiring us to realize our potential as musicians and to actively enjoy making music. There was another line that hit closer to home.

There was a time in his life where music was key. Then after 10 years of working and realizing he had no side projects or hobbies, he decided to change that.

I’m inspired by how he noticed a pattern and got out of an exhausting, all-too-familiar loop. Inspired to write down my passions, interests and potential hobbies. But I will not share them with you. Yet.

I’ve learned that in sharing an idea, the feedback (hopefully positive) can provide enough satisfaction that we (read: I) may not go through with it.

My goal is to try a new passion/hobby each month and see what sticks. I realize that I’m also battling a severe case of procrastinaitis and encourage you to give me a friendly nudge if you don’t receive an update within a reasonable timeframe.


What do you think? (Don't hold back, please share!)

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