How to Paint a Festive Dia de los Muertos Skull

The search for the candy skulls has been a bust but I will have skulls represented this Dia de los Muertos. Remembering third grade art class I was able to pull this masterpiece out. Actually, it’s not half bad. Bet your’s will be better.

What You Need | Ingredients?

  • crayons
  • black acrylic paint
  • paint brush
  • canvas or sturdy paper
  • push pin or something pointy

How To Make Festive Day of the Dead Skull Artwork

Step 1: Color Me Beautiful
With your awesome crayons (awesome in the way all school supplies are awesome) make a random pattern. No need to create any kind of picture, just be sure to press hard.

Step 2: Paint It Black
All that wonderful coloring you’ve just done now needs to be covered with about four coats of black paint.

Step 3: What’s That Scratching Noise?
With your pointy tool, I used a push pin, start to sketch out your skull and watch all the beautiful colors appear from the black paint. This may be the time to pull out some artistic ability but since I don’t have much, I went here to see how to sketch a skull: Art is Fun.

Note: The colors are WAY more vibrant in person.


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