Paper Mache Skulls Gone Wrong

Day of the Dead or Dia de los Muertos was this past Tuesday and for various reasons, I missed it. Convinced that I would just celebrate on my own timetable, I put the holiday on hold until this weekend. However the search for candy skulls was a bust and I needed to have skulls represented so decided to take on a little paper mache project.

The Inspiration


This picture takes on a new meaning to me. Newspaper strips, glue, flour and water were put together to make the shape of the skull — 7 times! And then this artist used festive colors to design flowers and feathers, among other things.

Looks easy, right?

The Results

Day of the Dead Skulls -  White Unsure
Introducing my paper mache skull reject. If I were an art critic I would say that this skull represents uncertainty and sadness. Unsure of itself and sad that it came to be. Just dreadful.

And the paper mache mishap gets worse.

Paper Mache Mishap
My yellow paper mache skull was the second attempt and is actually crying. Such a pitiful creation. At the time I was proud to have thought of using permanent marker to draw his designs but now, well, just look at it.

Results Are In: I Am Not An Artist

Having missed the deadline and the point, I will file this away under a couple of categories: a.) another misadventure, b.) practice for Dia de los Muertos 2011 and c.) one goal to strike off the list as inspired by Ignite Phoenix #8.

The goal was to create artwork. Thank god it wasn’t to create “good” artwork.


What do you think? (Don't hold back, please share!)

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