A Victim to Procrastination

Procrastination, as it relates to writing, is a sneaky little bastard. It often starts innocent enough but soon things begin to spiral downwards until chunks of time have been lost to nothing.

I fall victim to these three scenarios quite regularly, but I’m sure there are more examples of procrastination vs. writing.

1.) I’m being productive

On everything else. It’s time to write and the echoing sounds within the walls of my head is alarming. So I look around and realize that my office is cluttered. How could I write in such a disgusting setting? All this paperwork that I need to sort, which I do. This turns into dusting the office, dusting the upstairs and then downstairs. But there I find the kitchen and there are dishes to wash and the floor to sweep. So I do this too. Well, at this point I should clean the bathrooms and do a couple loads of laundry and the bulk of my chores will be done.

And so ends a very productive day spent doing everything else but writing.

2.) Just a little research

The spark of creativity is flickering and I need a little inspiration. I’ll just go online and look for a writing prompt. Unfortunately the search for a writing prompt turns into a quick romp through Facebook, StumbleUpon, Tumblr, Twitter and other friend’s blogs. 15 minutes of research easily turns into two and half hours of wasted time.

Inspired to write but nothing comes to mind.

3.) Staring into the void

Staring onto a blank, college-ruled piece of paper is a terrifying thing. Especially if it’s the first page of a beautiful notebook or journal. The pressure of having to create a good-enough first sentence so the first thing you’d see on the front page wasn’t scribble marks and scratched out lines is enough to keep me buying the journals but hardly ever writing in them.

Thankfully there are computers but that brings us to Scenario Numero Dos.

Is there any hope?

Procrastinating is a terrible thing for a writer. I’m unaware of any cure…

Unless! Yes, this could possible work — I’ll empty my office of all belongings but a desk and an old-timey typewriter. How could that possibly fail?


2 thoughts on “A Victim to Procrastination

  1. LOL…great entry, Martita. Procrastination takes its toll on a meditation practice too. I can definitely relate!

  2. Believe it or not, these scenarios happen to programmers (and musicians!) like me, too, not just writers. :/

    Almost all procrastination ends up being about either:
    1) incorrect estimation of how long it’s going to take you (we think it’ll take far, far longer than it actually will)
    2) fear that what you do will be inadequate

    It’s easy to see that these two perceived “problems” can bite us relating to ANYTHING we need/want to create that is non-trivial.

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