How to Bathe Siberian Huskies – A Pictorial

As you know, if you give a mouse a cookie he’ll ask for a glass of milk, a moose will request jam for his muffin and so on. But what you may not have known is that if Littlest Martha were to bathe some huskies, early enough in the day, she’ll wash the car, clean out the garage and do some “light” weeding.

A freak burst of productivity that can be attributed to the good feeling of accomplishment that comes from having clean dogs. If it’s such a good feeling why not bathe them with more regularity, as they certainly could benefit from it?

Quite simply: It’s a production.

Here comes the obvious statement of the post — these dogs have a lot of fur. Tons of it. And even though they’re constantly blowing their coats, the remaining fur has trapped enough dirt (I mentioned that I live in the desert, yes?) to coat your hand with a fine film of dust.

Disgusting, yes, I know. But to bathe two Siberian Huskies requires bribery, patience and the understanding that everyone is going to get wet — so decent enough weather.

Step 1: Get Your Materials


If nothing else, when bathing your husky, you’ll need soap, water and a decent enough treat so that she’ll see what’s in it for her.

Standard Procedure: Bathe The Damn Dog

Zander is demonstrating the Husky-Punk look. If you’re husky looks like he’s ready to see a Sex Pistols’ concert, add more water.

Practice Your Coaxing

Saskia clearly knows something is up. I tell her she’s a pretty girl, a good girl but she and I both know that she’s only allowing this to earn her rawhide reward. So practice your coaxing, if you want. Or, you can save your breath.

Reward Handsomely

The payoff is good when it’s a rawhide treat. That and if the human who had just tormented you would get the camera out of your face.

The Human’s Reward

While Zander may be ashamed of being so shiny clean and silky smooth (yes, two cliches worth emphasizing), this — fellow humans — is your payoff. Enjoying the puppy-soft fur all over again. Well, after the wet dog smell has abated. Maybe wait a couple of hours. And open a window.

The Aftermath

the aftermath
Oh yea. Now clean this up.               crap.


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