A Complaint to WordPress

I’d like to register a complaint to WordPress, especially as there’s no way of contacting them.

Dear WordPress,

When I started this blog, about a year ago, I was excited about the username Little Martha since that is my nickname. But someone squatter had it and was doing nothing with it. But, not much that can be done there. She or he had it first.

Until, recently, I found that the squatter or unimaginative blogger/writer who had the most awesome blog name – deleted their blog.

Whoo hoo! Yipee! Fantastic!

If the blog has been deleted, this must mean that the username and blog is available, right? Ready to be snatched up by the true Little Martha!

Apparently not.

As for submitting this to the forums … yea, right.

Thanks for nothing,
Littlest Martha


3 thoughts on “A Complaint to WordPress

  1. Greetings to you Little Martha!

    I am just dropping in to share that I went through the same issue when I began here at WordPress. I believe my first blog was about this very exact issue.

    I wasn’t as attached to my blogger user name so much but certainly do understand where you are coming from. I had to ditch my original name as well because it was being held somewhere in cyber space!

    I have recently returned to my blog space here and was simply pleased I figured out how to insert spaces in my blogger name just last week! Lots to mull around and understand but so far I am rather pleased with it all.

    Hope something comes up for you,

    Good luck!

  2. Thanks, Denim!

    I just read your blog post about it and I couldn’t agree more. These squatters are such jerks.

    Also, I really loved your bah, humbug! post. It really echoed how I was feeling this holiday.

  3. Your welcome Little Martha!

    I sincerely understand how you feel and would add that since returning to the blog space here I am honestly not feeling my blogger name at all anymore.

    I thought of scrapping it but too much effort!

    It sure does bug me when I log in and see it, something to review I think!

    Happy New Year!

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