NaBloPoMo – Making Writing Obligatory

Who comes up with these odd holidays? As some of you may already know, I love International Talk Like a Pirate Day — September 19th. But there are so many other odd holidays that talking like a pirate is almost normal. Por ejemplo, so far this month, I’ve already missed “Positively Penguins Day,” “Nothing Day” (I have a hunch on how I could have celebrated that one) and “National Hugging Day.” Bummer.

But look! Look at what February has in store for us!

1st – Working Naked Day
14th – National Condom Day
16th – International Pancake Day

Seriously, who gets to come up with these holidays?! There’s some correlation to the type and order of festivities in February. Unfortunately, you’ll have to explore that on your own as this long, winding introduction is to talk about NaBloPoMo which for me sounds like the name of a sandwich with meatballs but is, actually, the acronym for National Blogging Posting Month. Making writing regularly on one’s blog obligatory.

Obligatory, provided if you are a part of the festivities — w00t— which I am.

So, here we go Ladies and Gentlemen — a commitment to bring you fresh content on a weekly basis as opposed to when I think I have something worth writing about it. So this can also serve as a warning as I may deliver some sub-par material to meet my weekly deadline.

Let the Observations & Ramblings begin!

Get your pancake face on Feb. 16 - International Pancake Day.

What do you think? (Don't hold back, please share!)

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