Bitter Coffee Machine

Antique espresso machine for sale.

Short circuit? Me? Are you kidding! I’m the high-end, must-have model of coffee makers. I do NOT short circuit.

That was just some technical difficulty that I was going through and I apologize for the inconvenience, I really do. I’m quite embarassed by the whole fiasco of how you decided to invite your boss to dinner that night, however let’s make this clear, I did not, have not short ciruited.

And actually, that’s just insulting. Your insinuation that I have broken down has insulted so that I’ve become bitter about it all.

I roast delicious gourmet coffee beans. I refine the flavors down, extract the dark, robust nectar to serve you — ungrateful and uncultured you — refreshing beverages. That is what I do. Not short ciruit.

And so go ahead and pick me up, grunting and sweating, with the intent of putting me in the back of your sedan to drop me off at some swap meet where hopefully I’ll be picked up by some hippies. Because believe me, Yuppie, it wasn’t good for me either. Go and get your instant drip, Mr. Coffee.

See if I care.


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