Lovin’ Me Some Country Music

After years of living in farm country on the East coast where cow-tipping is a rite of passage, my cousins broke in horses and the boys at high school were deemed most popular based on how high their pick up trucks were — ugh, spare me — it’s finally happened. I’m starting to like Country music

Now, here I am living in the Southwest and I find myself skipping through radio stations to find something that has a melody and decent lyrics. Pop music you’ve driven me to this point. I blame you.

“Catch a grenade?” What in the hell? Enrique Iglesias — where’s the poetry in this line: “tonight I’m f***ing you.” And what the Black Eyed Peas did to “The Time of My Life” — blasphemy!

So maybe I’ve not given Country Music a fair shake. Actually, I know I haven’t as I can recall several road trips where my family’s amusement was simply derived in watching me squirm/foam at the mouth when they played Country Music. So here they are — the few songs that are encouraging me to dip my toe into this genre of music.

Tim McGraw – Felt Good on My Lips

Zac Brown Band – Chicken Fried

And four others that I’d like to share with you but YouTube disagrees. So when you can, check out:

Any other country gold, I’m forgettin’?


2 thoughts on “Lovin’ Me Some Country Music

  1. Martha!! I LOVE COUNTRY MUSIC! :) Actually I enjoy all sorts of music minus the “screamo” where they are just screaming and you can’t understand a thing they are saying. I think that country music usually tells a story. It’s refreshing to listen to that genre of music after hearing some of the crazy pop songs out there. I recommend you exploring Toby Keith. All of his songs are fabulous! He is my favorite country singer; Tim McGraw is my second favorite. “How Do You Like Me Now?” – fabulous song! “A Little too Late” – great song and the video is hilarious! Actually when you go exploring Toby Keith I recommend doing so on YouTube so you can watch his videos. They are all SO creative and funny! Anyway, I hope you have a fabulous day! :)

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