Siberian Huskies Are Truly Smart

Siberian Huskies are smart. Too damn smart sometimes. Wikipedia back me up on this:

Due in part to their intelligence, Huskies tend to be very observant on the actions of people around them and have been known to mimic common household activities such as turning on lights with their paws and opening doors with their canines.

So, without further ado, please allow me to present:

Zandini The Great

He’s Observant, Not Dumb

Zander — the younger husky pup, the boy and my ‘baby’ — has the personality of a pot smoker. Waaaay laid back and highly motivated by food. And compared to the scheming Saskia who we half-jest is plotting either her escape, our deaths or both, it’s easy to not give Zander the credit he deserves. That and he makes sharp turns and will konk his head in doorways.

And perhaps compared to Saskia’s standoffish ways, Zander has been dubbed more loving. His nicknames span from Zander Bing to now Zandini.

It began with his kennel. Aware of his size and strength, he worked tirelessly to bow out the kennel’s door to squeeze out and enjoy all the extra living space.

Having tasted freedom, the sight of gates, bars and (I fear doors will be next) are repugnant to the Great Zandini. And so I’m sure with much trial and error, Zandini worked the gate’s mechanics which now it takes him all of four seconds to open, to allow himself and Saskia upstairs to enjoy even greater comforts — the sofa and guest bed.

It’s The Quiet Ones You Have To Watch Out For

Oh yea, Wikpedia also mentioned the following:

Some undesirable behaviors they can exhibit include opening refrigerators (and eating the food inside), climbing fences or digging tunnels in the backyard to escape.

Or if not to escape, digging holes for the love of digging.


2 thoughts on “Siberian Huskies Are Truly Smart

  1. I had a Husky and he was scarey smart. An escape artist? Absolutely. There wasn’t a cage, fence or wall that he couldn’t scale or open (as in gates with Velcro, bungee chord and other devices used by his owners to keep him in). He was the only dog to ever escape the kennel at his vet’s office.

    But what really impressed me was his ability to solve multistep problems that proved to me he had the ability to think, plan and execute. When he was working with my husband at a boat yard I watched him clear debris from an area where he often waded. This was no doubt due to a cut he had received to his paw years before. He hauled out cans, bottles and all sort of debris to the shore. But when he discovered a part of the tin roof off a nearby boat shed…I watched in amazement as he worked out how to get this flat piece of metal off the muddy bottom. Eventually he placed one paw on the metal then used the other paw to bend the metal up so he could then grasp an edge and drag it out. Truly remarkable!

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