Give Me Constant Music

Music surrounds me. Throw away the over-used cliche that nature provides music, which it does — but nonetheless! I’m talking about the decision to constantly have music surround me because as a medium, as an art form, it’s awe-inspiring.

Given the choice of being blind or deaf, please make me blind. I’m nearly there anyway. Think I’m exaggerating? If you can see perfectly at 20/20 then what you see at 400 feet is what I see at 20. That, ladies and gentlemen, is referred to as being legally blind.

But if I’m blind then I’ll miss out on so many sights such as sunsets, sunrises, paintings, beaches — yadda, yadda. Keep it. Fill my life with music.

Music like this.

“Time to Say Goodbye” as performed by Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman.

Ack! The introduction always gets me.

Sure you know about Claude Debussy’s “Clair de Lune” but what about his “Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun”?

Or Joaquin Rodrigo’s “Concerto De Aranjuez Adagio.”

The music of Joaquin Rodrigo, and not Joaquin Phoenix, transports me to my Abuelo’s patio, swatting away mosquitoes, watching the lightning storm on the horizon and blaring the classical guitar concerto as performed by Christopher Parkening. And so she’d say every time we listen to music, “where does does it take you?”

And while I’m certainly not saying that I’ll only listen to classical music (Did you hear it? I’m finally giving Country Music a try), but by way of appreciating the art of music, I, personally, have to start at the classics. Or the classics to me.

Art is so subjective. But this is my little corner of the inter-webs, so if you don’t agree, please by all means continue to listen to Pop Music with little to no care of how that catchy riff came to be. Snarky, much? Wow …

Or, I leave you with something a little different but also very refreshing — Anoushka Shankar’s “Naked.”

Doesn’t this song make you want to learn to play the sitar?


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