Dunk Your Bagel – An Upcoming YouTube Celebrity

black coffee and sesame bagelDunking one’s bagel is not considered rude or odd, especially to Craig Schattner. Toasted, slightly buttered and then dunked in to your coffee is the best way to eat said bagel. And, per Craig, the best bagels can be found at St. Viateur’s in Montreal.

It may sound a little quirky to those who’ve never tried to dunk their bagel prior to eating it, but this unique way of eating a bagel pays hommage to his Canadian family and what could be more fitting for a YouTube handle?

Dunk Your Bagel is poised to be another YouTube Celebrity like Wheezy Waiter (another Craig), Barats and Bereta, and Britanick, with his quick, humorous and relatable videos.

Of these aforementioned YouTubers, Craig is emulating Britanick in how he works with friends, is creative both with content and stretching a low budget and quickly providing fresh videos. But when asked directly, it’s not Craig’s intention to become a YouTube celebrity. Instead it’s about taking the skills he’s developed as a production assistant for Gangland on The History Channel, expanding upon those skills and, as evident by watching a video or two, having fun.

Of the female persuasion, I particularly enjoy the videos that provide insight into the man’s psyche: their way of communication to their inabilities to clean.

For your viewing enjoyment, here’s some of the good stuff coming out of Dunk Your Bagel:

Rules for Cohabitating w/the Female Species – Vol. 1

because sometimes it’s hard decoding the messages of a lesser form of life.

Here’s my question — where’s Vol. 2? While Dunk Your Bagel is exaggerating some characteristics, I’m looking forward to seeing how this saga continues as these are relatable traits that we, women, see in our men. Unfortunately.

Speaking of relatable …

The Morning Routine

Wake up. Get out of bed. Urinate. Brush your teeth. It’s all the same unless you had a burrito the night before.

Who doesn’t enjoy a little spicy food every now and then?

The Man Clean

Some things men just aren’t good at. Cleaning is one of them…
YouTube still of Dunk Your Bagel clip, The Man Clean

This explains so much. No, really.

(Apologies on having to create a dummy video player like that. Apparently, YouTube believes that “In The Hall of the Mountain King” by Eugene Ormandy is owned by Sony Music Entertainment. Lame.)

Drawing upon life experiences and friends, some high school alums for their acting abilities (did I mention Craig and I went to the same high school? Had to find a subtle shout-out, well minus the “subtle” bit) and musical inspiration — Dunk Your Bagel is, I’m convinced, an upcoming YouTube sensation.

Your Challenge

  • Subscribe to Dunk Your Bagel’s YouTube Channel
  • Fan the sketch comedy group on Facebook where
    you can get sneak-peek shots of the shoot and, I’m sure, throw out suggestions.
  • Go to St. Viateur’s and dunk your bagel.

For now, two out of three ain’t bad.


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