Warrior Dash Training Gets Serious. Sorta.

The training to see if I can run 3.5 miles continues. I did not say it goes well, but it goes.

Monday of this week, some fellas (also doing the Warrior Dash with me) decided we need to get ready for this event and strapped on our sneakers and off we went.

Not shown in this little graphic is how the first leg of the run was up A Mountain in Tempe, which for a stocky little mountain the going was all vertical and for me, a little stocky as well, this sucked. Feeling the burn in our calves but not the rest of our bodies it was decided to trek on to run alongside Tempe Town Lake.

Correction: It was more of run/jog/walk.

I’m pleased with the first group’s run and my efforts, even though I was gasping for air towards the end.

[Insert picture here of “gasping athlete”]

TANGENT ALERT – Google Images Strikes Again

I searched for “athlete gasping for air” and this came up. WAH? Is this an attractive butt? I think not!

muscular butt, not attractive butt
That's scary!

However, this is an attractive behind:
Gene Kelly's sexy butt from American in Paris



The training continues tonight and I may take pictures so you can legitimately see my progress. Oh joy!

Or, I can continue to find obscure images that encapsulates my struggles as an out-of-shape athlete.

Like this one:

laying in the mud
I'm in it for the mud.


4 thoughts on “Warrior Dash Training Gets Serious. Sorta.

  1. Ah, the joys of running! Hang in there. I would say it gets easier, but if you catch the crazy runner bug (which you already know I’ve got), you’ll just continue to find ways to make it harder. Any time you want to go for a run around our neighborhood, let me know! :)

  2. Jeri, I’m so glad you liked the photos. They cracked me up too!

    Girlturnedrunner, I would love to go for a run with you! I worry that I may slow you down. No, I know that I would. But maybe that love for running would rub off on me.

    Hmm … maybe.

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