Gearing up for Ignite Phoenix 10

I’ve been to three Ignite Phoenix events — the 8th, the Inaugural After Hours and the 9th. And I’ve loved each one. However, Ignite Phoenix 10 is going to hold a special place in my heart.

Why, you ask? Well, I’m presenting!

Yes, I was shocked too. Especially as I was able to see the different submissions roll in over the weeks (I got my submission in fairly quick – first or second day, I believe).

I know that for some public speaking is terrifying but I’m UBER excited.

Why Public Speaking is Better Than Engaging in Small Talk

microphone in front of crowd

First and foremost, I’m excited because I’m very passionate about rugby — and why it’s so awesome — which is key for an Ignite Phoenix topic.

Secondly, and more oddly, because I enjoy public speaking. Give me an auditorium packed with strangers watching my every move any day as opposed to try and engage in small talk with a stranger.

When giving a speech, you prepare and prepare and on the off-chance that you mess up, no one really notices if you don’t let on that you’ve slipped. Furthermore, when looking out into a crowd you don’t have to focus on one face, and actually I would discourage it.

But when trying to engage in small talk and find common interests with a stranger all the not-so-subtle body language cues are much more apparent. How he shifts his weight to one side (I’m so boring this guy) or her polite laugh at my dumb jokes (God! She thinks I’m so lame).

Why Public Speaking at Ignite Phoenix is Awesomesauce

There is no audience that can compare to the Ignite Phoenix crowd. At the start of the event, the audience is asked to be open-minded and hear out what people have to say. However, asking this of this particular audience is, to me, like asking a dog to be a dog. What else would this crowd be, if not, open-minded?

And if I do stumble, I know that the audience will cheer to encourage me.

As I said … awesomesauce.

Next Steps

If you’re not familiar with Ignite Phoenix, check them out.

If you’re in the Valley, tickets go on sale this Saturday at 10 a.m. Get ya some.

If you’re not in the Valley (talking to you, family members!) you can watch the event live —

As for me, I’ve got a presentation to put together. :: Excited squeal! ::


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