Warrior Dash – The Countdown Starts and Warrior Shout Out

If you count today, there are four more days until the Warrior Dash. FOUR!!

The final countdown to the running, jumping over fire and large rusty cars, climbing down the ravines and crawling in the mud really starts.

Yesterday’s run was dreadful as I’ve still not convinced (read: tricked) myself that running is fun, although I know deep inside that it’s good for me. However, what has been fun is training with a great group of friends for this event.

Whether it’s running along Tempe Town Lake together and supporting the stragglers (read: me).
Running along Tempe Town Lake

Or finding equipment to train on and practice being tough.

And one of my favorites is rock climbing because those ravines, as I’m sure, are gonna be steep.

So in this quick post, I want to thank John “Carnage” Strebler, Rick “The Butcher” Schmidt, Jukin’ and Jivin Jimmy O and Joel Flint (or less known as Lorem Ipsum).

Fellas, if we live — I’m looking forward to the next dashes from Tough Mudder to the Mud Run. We can do it!!


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