Pre-Warrior Dash

Nervous. Anxious. Excitement. Stuffed. Clean.

This is the progression of emotion throughout this morning. Nervous when I woke up and realized that I had to put all my training to the test. Anxious because I’m not sure that I’m going to do that great. Excitement because I know no matter what I’ll have a blast. And now stuffed as my family is insisting that I keep eating since my race isn’t until another four hours.

A monster egg omelete and a banana. This would have been sufficient. Then a bowl of cereal. And then a smoothie. Albeit it was an epic smoothie it was still a smoothie that I probably didn’t need.

Hopefully, I don’t wretch. That would be not-so-epic.

I’m also feeling pretty clean.

LittlestMartha flexing muscles before Warrior Dash AZ

LittlestMartha WarriorDash AZ stance

That’s gonna change real soon.


2 thoughts on “Pre-Warrior Dash

  1. Good Luck, don’t worry about whose passing you or who your passing, just run your pace. Have fun!

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