Quick Post: Rugby Tackling Technique

What’s a rugger to do when she should be getting sleep but instead finds herself putzing around on YouTube? Hmmm … I wonder …

Snapshot: Rugby Tackling Technique

I recognize that this is a long video and that the majority of you who stumble here will not watch it. Pity. Nonetheless, here are the highlights:

When tackling you should:

  • Focus on the core
  • Get low and stay balanced
  • Keep your head up — watch where you’re going and protect your spine
  • Drive through the tackle and quickly recover the ball
  • Keep your elbows in to stay strong
  • Get your lead foot out (think “lead” as in “leader” not like the way I drive — heavy foot)
  • “Dance” or short, fast steps

Not discussed, but I’d like to mention is that if you are being tackled do NOT stick out your hand to break your fall. What will break is your wrist.

The Correct Way To Fall

The correct way to fall is in this order:

  1. Legs/hips
  2. Core
  3. Shoulder

Other key points are that you should present the ball towards your team, not the opposing team as you must release the ball.
And if you find yourself in a scrum, and you’ve presented the ball, cover your face. At least, that’s what I do.

Do You Have Rugby Questions?

If you ever a rugby/tackling question, hit me up and I’ll research or ferret out the answer if I don’t already know it.


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