Haboob A’Coming!

I nearly avoided getting caught in a Haboob this evening. I’m sorry — a what? Yes, a haboob. Pronounced “ha-boob.” Rhymes with “noob” or, oh yeah, “boob.”

Seriously, what a name! Who would take that seriously?

Haboob By Any Other Name

Apparently the Arabic take it seriously. First known use of the word was in 1897 and spelled habūb and it means violent storm. Well, I think it was actually spelled like this: هبوب

In so many words, a haboob is a wall of dust courtesy of a microburst or downburst. The air that is forced downward is then pushed forward by the front of a thunderstorm cell, spewing dust and debris all over Phoenix.

Or this:

Haboobs Are Kinda Pretty

Provided that you’re watching from a distance and can slip inside right before dust is kicked in to your eyes.

Watch Mike Olbinski’s awesome timelapse video as the haboob engulfs Phoenix. It’s incredible:

The Phoenix Haboob of July 5th, 2011 from Mike Olbinski on Vimeo.

When you’ve finished my little post, check out his site to see the video much larger as it was intended.

Haboobs Are Entertaining

To see a haboob in person is like having a front seat to one of those end-of-the-world or here-it-is-Armageddon-finally-arrived scenes from a summer blockbuster.

It is, truly, entertaining. As is this video filmed by Ryan Thomas. I just love how he puts emphasis on some words like “massive dust storm” “holy cow” and did you count how many times he whistles? Wooow. Not being sarcastic, I really do love this video. It makes me nostalgic for the original Double Rainbow video. Maybe Ryan knew what he was doing with his commentary. But I don’t care.

Haboobs Are Good To Escape Routine

I was headed home but the mushrooming clouds were ominous. That and the call from hubby saying I’d be an idiot to drive in it. So I turned off and sought coffee or refuge. I found the Changing Hands bookstore. The people who worked there were so nice — sincerely. And the collection of books surprised me. Benches lined the rows of books so I could find the right one (I found two!) and when I looked up I was surrounded by the kind of journals and tchotchkes I wish I could have just loaded up on for myself and for others. Mostly for myself.

I also learned that at Changing Hands they frequently have book signings, have an archway that leads in to Wildflower Bakery and — would you look at how many book clubs there are!

:: whistles ::

6 thoughts on “Haboob A’Coming!

  1. Enjoyed learning about Haboobs…Interesting video too! Would love to visit Changing Hands Bookstore with you!!

  2. I can’t say “haboob” without giggling like a 12 year old…. ;)

    That was a MASSIVE one yesterday. My eyes still have grit in them from being caught outside in it.

    LOVE Changing Hands! Check out The Poisoned Pen in Scottsdale too, similar indie bookstore.

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