Healthy Eating Meets Rugby Exercises

August 1st (yesterday) marked the first day of two weeks of clean eating, exercising correctly and getting rest.

As I’ve shared before, weight loss is personal but I’m intentionally sharing it with you so I can keep myself honest and on track as I log each day’s progress. Maybe we can both learn from this — you can share pitfalls with me that I can try and avoid and if I’m successful I can share how I’ve lost weight that may be beneficial to someone out there.

Weighing In

Weight: 134.5 lbs
BMI: 25.3 (“overweight”)
Weight loss goal: 120 – 125 lbs

You Are What You Eat

Are you a Fruity Pebble treat (a modification of Rice Krispies treat) or an Arugula Pear salad?

Fruity Pebble Treats
Arugula and Pear Salad

I was the Fruity Pebble treat but last night I was the spicy, peppery Arugula Pear salad. And while I think I may have enjoyed the treats for a little longer, the fluorescent-colored, corn syrupy sweet treat made its way to the trash can. After consuming a clean meal I’m aware that my tongue is not coated in a film of muck (likely from the corn syrup) that repeated on me when I “enjoyed” a sweet treat.

Clean eating, I think, is going to alter what I believe is a “sweet treat.” Adios corn syrup!

Exercising with Rugby Girls

diet versus exercise

Now this is a ratio I could get used to.

For yesterday’s exercise it was mostly abs (bleeuch) and arms (yay!).

Deltoid muscle
Hello Muscles!

But I left the cardio and strengthening of the legs out. Today is the first official practice for the Tempe Women’s Rugby Team and I know that I’ll return home unable to walk. But I’ll love it.


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