Feeding Siberian Huskies Snacks

Siberian Husky named Zander with an epic husky meal
It's Epic Husky Meal Time!
Dogs. Just like children, people like to tell you what to do with them, how to raise them and what to feed them.

So rather than tell you what to do with your pet, as you’ll feed him or her whatever you choose anyway, here’s a quick experiment that I did with my two Siberian huskies – Saskia and Zander.

Set Up of the Experiment

Potato chips, corn chips, candies … these are food items that we don’t give to our dogs. Thanks to the preservatives such sodium nitrate and other food additives that the dogs would not normally receive or have difficulty digesting, we just don’t make it an option for them. In part, this has lead to our desire to eat clean — if we won’t feed it to our dogs then why would we put it in our own bodies? How could it be good for us?

But like other dog owners we love that crunching noise they make when you give them something substantial to munch on. Things like veggies.

Yes, my dogs love to eat vegetables. Some more than others.


Siberian Huskies Versus Veggies





*Apologies on the video quality. I now know when filming on the phone to only do so shoot landscape.


12 thoughts on “Feeding Siberian Huskies Snacks

  1. I never thought to try celery before – that’s a great idea! Piccola loves chewing carrot chips and apple slices, but I’m always looking for other healthy snacks to feed her ;)

  2. Thank you – she has her “not-so-precious” husky moments as well ;) I will definitely give them both a try this weekend – she can be quite finicky with her food choices at times, so it will be interesting to see what she likes.

    As for the tug toy, I’m convinced that she was a great white shark in her past life and therefore can chew through anything in this one. We did attempt this one, she chewed through the ball, then the rope and then the bottle opening (didn’t last long enough for her to use as a treat dispenser). I think our next attempt will be a Himalayan Dog Chew (I’ve read some good reviews on them, maybe it will have a decent shelf life?) http://www.himalayandogchew.com/

    btw – It was really funny, when I was playing the puppy video on your blog, Piccola tried talking to your puppy – it was really funny, until she realized that the puppy wasn’t really at the house to play with – lol!

    • Hi Canipicola! That’s great! Hope she likes it and I’ll be sure to check your blog for details on how well the Himalayan Dog Chew does!

      BTW – I LOVED the story of Piccola reacting to my puppies. It made me smile. Thanks so much for sharing. :0 D

  3. So I gave Piccola a celery stalk last night and at first started to bite into it lightly but wouldn’t chew on it. I broke it up into little pieces and she would chew them and spit them back out onto the floor. So I took a different approach and put peanut butter down the center of the stalk, but she just licked the peanut butter out. I did the same thing again, but this time I froze it and then gave it to her. Turns out she loved eating that way for some reason!

    • How funny! Isn’t it so great how dogs show their personalities? I love how unique dogs can be.

      OOH, just remembered! If she likes frozen treats you may want to try this! Get an ice cube tray and fill it with her kibble, carrot cubes and one high value treat (a piece of a hot dog, for example). Fill it up with water and when frozen you can pop one treat-laden ice cube that she might enjoy chewing on especially on hot summer days!

  4. I was actually doing something very similar last summer, but instead of water I used non-fat yogurt to hold it all together. I think there were oats and carrot bits in the cubes as well.

    Her normal frozen treats are marrow bones that I’ve filled with wet dog food and freeze, but I’m trying to mix it up as she gets bored so easily..

  5. Can I feed my huskies all vegetables.it’s 2month old. V r currently feeding only ROYAL CANNIN. which kind of fish should I feed it.

  6. My husky was such a picky eater, but he loved shrimp (especially if he could catch them live in one of South Carolina’s tidal creeks…they’d jump out of the water and he’d swallow them whole…husky heaven!).

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