Labor Day Epic Meal Time

Labor Day weekend has come and gone.

On a typical holiday that many of us eat burgers and hot dogs, my labor day treat was a little atypical. Prickly pears or tunas in Spanish.

How To Prepare Prickly Pear As A Tasty Snack

Are you ready for this? It’s surprisingly easy and for those who frequent the blog won’t be surprised by the ingredients:

  • fruit, in this case the tuna
  • salt, preferably rock salt
  • lime juice

Buen provecho!

Prickly PearSliced prickly pear

Husky Epic Meal Time

Yes, we watch Epic Meal Time in this house and so here is our “Labor Day Husky Meal Time” video:

Turkey Burgers for Pups
Pre-epic Husky meal time

Hope everyone had a very relaxing Labor Day Weekend


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