Juicing – Who Needs Teeth Anyway?

Today is the first day of juicing. El primer dia.

A bowl of blueberries, raspberries and blackberries to make juice. The goal is to try this — and not cheat — and, oh yeah, live.

Perhaps, you’ve noticed but I’m a little cranky.

I like to chew my food. I like the sound of the foodstuffs breaking down from the pressure of my powerful jaws.

It’s primal and it’s rewarding. But for 10 days I can go without chewing.

Carrots, lemon, kale and spinach juice Who needs teeth anyway?

But it seems fitting. I watched Food, Inc. and not shortly after I became a pesco-ovo-lacto vegetarian or a hypocrite — I know it should be all or nothing, but I will not give up fish and I can’t seem to give up diary (including eggs). We watched Fat, Sick & Nearly Dying and now we’re both juicing it up. And no, not with steroids.

Stay tuned to see if I survive this little experiment.


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