Superhuman Powered By Stress

Imagine a being that when stressed would only become stronger. That each obstacle or hurdle empowered him or her to tackle it faster and better than before.

My Go To Super Power

Usually when the conversation lulls but you want to keep momentum, you’ve probably been asked or have asked someone else: What super power would you choose if given the opportunity? Levitation. Flight. Ability to talk to underwater animals. Forget about all of them. I have my new answer!

I want to convert stress in to power.

Yes, in much the way that Birdman is powered by the sun. Apparently birds are solar-powered. Fine, whatever. That was his choice. Mine is to be able to harness the stressors and through some crazy, far beyond my comprehension, mathematical equation that explains some chemical reaction that — viola! — instead of converting stress in to a pimple, cankersore, fat or white hair I get something much more useful!

A Day In The Life Scenario Of Stress Free Woman

Sitting in the cubicle with the lights turned off so the fluorescent lighting couldn’t reflect off the monitor, Stress Free Woman typed on her ergonomic keyboard at 82 wmp, crossing off the To Do list three items in a row. When all of a sudden, who breaks the calm but Larry* who dumps off a request to have a 10-page report due by Friday. Then, not moments later, Moe* barged in to the cubicle announcing a SUPER-HOT-DROP-EVERYTHING marketing collateral piece that must be done. Nearly bumping shoulders as they passed, Curly* popped in to clamor about the need for a microsite that must be designed, developed and delivered by the following Monday.

This may be too much for a mere mortal who would turn to her not-so-secret chocolate stash. But Stress Free Woman? BAM! KABLOOBEY! Yup. Washboard abs.

* Names changed to protect the innocent.




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