Allow me to re-introduce myself

Hello my name is...
Hello my name is… (Photo credit: criana)

Blogging Again – What Is There To Talk About?

It’s been a little quiet on this lil-o-blog of mine. Sorry readers for the hiatus but really there was nothing to talk about. In fact, I’ll get you up to speed right now:

Work. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.

While I don’t expect that core string of that pattern — work. eat. sleep. — to go away for quite some time I am happy at the prospect that my new job presents: time after work for me to continue having misadventures and to contently ramble on about my silly observations.

Said another way: I see more time to write again — blogging, short stories, novels, poems. And this is very good for my soul.

Who Am I? What’s This Blog About Anyway?

Great, great questions. I follow many bloggers and they must be more Type-A than I as they all seem to have themes and stick to them: adventures as a new mom, someone who loves to cook, someone who loves to eat, someone who likes to try things out on Pinterest.

I guess my theme would be a rambler or someone who tries new things for better or worse. Eh, too long. Guess I was born to be a rambling woman. Kinda fitting — the Allman Brothers wrote Little Martha too and that is who I am; who I will always be: Martita.

Now for the purpose of this blog, well, it’s a grab-bag of things. While not quite a journal (I’ll spare you. Be grateful.), it’s more the after-math of what happens when I follow Red Smith’s sage advice: “You simply sit down at the typewriter, open your veins, and bleed.”

Upcoming Projects And Goals

Use Recommendations
Checking things off the ol’ “to do” list. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I do have goals. Some small and achievable and others not so small and certainly achievable but maybe more time consuming. And wouldn’t you like to know what they are? Maybe not.

Now don’t get offended reader, in fact, I’m glad you’re here taking time out of your busy day to read my silly little blog — it makes me feel special that my words/posts/observations matter to you and together we have found some common ground.

However, I have looked back in to my archives and have seen moments where I’ve called on you to keep me accountable. To let me know when I’m not doing the writing prompts or not writing regularly. What I’ve learned: a.) I can’t count on you and truly b.) it was never your responsibility, and really I can’t keep myself accountable?!

Actually, the real reason for my not sharing my goals from weight loss to growing as a writer, I’ve learned that it’s best to keep my mouth shut. Derek Sivers can explain it better:

But don’t worry, I’ll be ready to share the successes or misadventures of these new goals!

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