How To See New York City in 17 Hours. A Pictorial.

Start Early And Be Ready To Walk

The plane touched down at 5 o’clock in the morning on a Sunday. We, Westerners (from the Wild West, so to speak), were all messed up in regards to timezones but that was to our advantage.

Sunrise Over New York City

Hello #NewYorkCity

Although we were sleep-deprived we watched New York City start to stir and finally come to life. Coffee. Zombie-like we shuffled through Central Park muttering for coffee. The joggers paid us no mind.

A Walk Through The Park | Central Park

#NYC bridge

Bridge detail #nyc

I’m a sucker for architectural details. Who carved this? How long did it take? Ultimately my sentiments are: how beautiful and thank you.

Bridge detail #NYC

This cap, for lack of a better word, lead up to the Bethesda Fountain, which is also known as Angel of the Waters fountain, and was was designed by Emma Stebbins in 1868. Neat Factoid: Stebbins was the first woman to receive commission for a major work of art in the city of New York.

Bethesda Fountain in Central Park, New York. D...
Bethesda Fountain in Central Park, New York. Design of the fountain by Emma Stebbins, d. 1882. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

#nyc bridge

The refined Bow Bridge, so named because it is reminiscent of a bow (archer’s or violinist’s). “[The Bow Bridge] is the first cast-iron bridge in the Park (and the second oldest in America).”

Coffee!! And Sweet Treats? Yes, Please! | Rockefeller Center

#BuchonBakery in #nyc with a coconut lime #macaroon

By 10 am restaurants and shops were opening doors and this meant we could fire up the neurons with sweet ol’ coffee. Since we happened to be at Rockefeller Center we were welcomed by Bouchon Bakery.

#NBC #News taping on. Sunday

As we noshed on breakfast, we watched the taping of Sunday’s Today Show. Doubt we were on camera but we did see Natalie Morales wobble on 4-inch heels, or at least we think it was her. Be kind — the coffee had not kicked in yet.

#RainbowRoom #nyc

Not surprising, but we did not go in to the Rainbow Room but we did snap this picture before snapping another at Radio City (across the way).

Wander Around A Bit | [Enter Street Name Here]

#nyc yard sale

We had no plans, no schedule and so we rambled. It didn’t take long until we found this “yard sale.” Vintage clothes with lime-green coats lined with fur, fantastic typewriters that I desperately wanted and more old timey good things that we couldn’t schlep with us.

Wander Around A Bit More | Stumble Upon A Mexican Festival

Mexican Festival #nyc

We had no intention of going to a festival — much less a Mexican festival — but in the corner of my eye I saw these bright feathers. Jokingly, I declared that we needed to find the owner of those feathers and learn more. My traveling companions agreed. What we found was this.

Mexican festival #nyc

I asked the festival go-ers, a mixture of natives and tourists, what this was supposed to mean. No one knew. Finally, I learned (although it was hard to hear) that this is a festival that is celebrated in Pueblo, Mexico. I’ve found, per Zinnia Folk Arts’ blog that this was a dance performed by the indigenous people of Mexico to mock the Spaniards in the 1500s.

However, that doesn’t seem quite right. Upon further digging, I believe the festival we stumbled upon was Pueblo’s version of Carnival and these are main dancers, or HueHues, which means ancient ones in Nahuatl. Learn more about Cholula, Puebla.

Lunch At Chelsea Market

The Ninth Avenue entrance to Chelsea Market, i...
The Ninth Avenue entrance to Chelsea Market, in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan, New York City. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

#nyc Chelsea's

What time is it? Lunch time! Oh, yeah!

#nyc Chelsea's

Chelsea Market is an enclosed urbarn market with shops (like Anthropologie, Lobster Place and Bar Suzette Creperie).

The Pop Shop #nyc Chelsea's

I, not unhappily, gave my cash to wolf down a truffle-mozzarella crepe at Bar Suzette Creperie but this meant no dinero left for a hand-made popsicle and they had sangria pops too! Tear.

Iconic Photo: Flower Shop

Flower shop #nyc

Forget the I Heart NYC t-shirts or, even, the Statue of Liberty. To me, there’s something about a flower shop on the street that is symbolic of New York City. I blame you, “You’ve Got Mail.”

Ivy In The Village

Ivy down in the Village #nyc

Not pictured: my mini-shopping spree at The Vintage Shop and Darling, or as I like to pronounce it: dah-ling!

Stanton Island Ferry – Views Of New York City


The ferry is fun and cheap — which may add to the fun. Unlike the cab rides, this was slow and safe. However, there were so many folks onboard I fantasized about hand sanitizer.

Financial District and The World Trade Center

No pictures were taken as construction was underway of the new towers. There were pictures there of the fallen firefighters who went rushing in to the burning buildings as so many were fleeing from them. I felt so grounded, humbled and in awe of those men and women. Go, meditate and pay respects for those who were lost that day.

Otto Enoteca Pizzeria — A Fancy Way Of Saying It’s Time For Suppa

#otto #nyc

This dimly-lit restaurant does an amateur photographer using instagram no favors. Pictured here can best be described as goodness. Check out my full review on Yelp of Mario Batalli’s Otto.

#otto #dessert #nyc

Sweet treats at Otto. Would love to have some now.

Sweet Dreams | Ending The Night At The Muse

#nyc art

Pretty artwork in the hotel room; perhaps our muse for sweet dreams? Well, not for us. We turned this statue’s head right around. Call us quirky. We don’t care. We’re New York like that.

The posh Muse hotel on Times Square #nyc

After a long day of walking, snapping photos and meeting really nice New Yorkers (contrary to the stereotype), we were excited of the prospect of sleep. This posh hotel room was a bonus. I don’t think I made it under the sheets.

Recap Map

Google Maps walking directions around New York City
When walking this much, which is likely nothing compared to what a native New Yorker does in an afternoon, wear comfortable shoes for goodness sake.

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