Identify Yourself! How Are YOU Putting Yourself Out There? Is It Time For A Rebrand?

How do you perceive yourself? You get three adjectives or five words to explain what you’re all about.

How did you fare? Do you have a canned response prepped for when you have a job interview or did you have a good long think about how you identify yourself and how you’re portraying yourself to others?

Your Personal Branding – Put The Cattle Prod Down

I’m in marketing. A sleezy word for some, slick and snazzy for others. Take your pick. However, in the world of marketing we place a lot of value in one’s brand — whether it be a fortune 500 company, small mom and pop shops or an individual.

Let’s simmer it down to its basic level: a brand is a symbol, whether it be a name, an image or design, or a combination of all these elements but with the intention of setting us apart.

The brand used at my Grandfather's ranch - DN.
The brand found at The Hacienda Providencia in Jalisco, Mexico. This is my family’s brand and back when they were ranchers, this is the mark you would see on the cattle.

Not sure what your brand is? Ask those you trust, but will be honest with you, how they perceive you.

You may find that there is a disconnect from how you think you’re coming across and how others are seeing you. I just found out myself and I’m very grateful for my friend’s honesty.

Here’s the best part: unlike cattle branding, we can rebrand ourselves all the time and hopefully the mark we leave will be on others. Ugh, cliche! The involuntary gagging should stop soon.

The Point Of This Exercise Is…?

Let me answer it with a vague, over-used expression that you’ve probably heard to ad nauseum — Put it out there in the universe.

What the frack — ?! Yup, I just threw at you a new age expression that has peppered our vernacular for who-knows-how-long. Don’t get disheartened! The substance of the phrase, as I understand it, is putting significance on what we want for ourselves in life by imagining that end-goal coming true. This isn’t to say that if you put out in the Universe that you want a washboard stomach (slowly raises her hand) but then do nothing to make it happen will you wake to find you have a flat and flawless tummy (damn!).

A better example is the different approaches to an on-coming cold. My Hubby says he’s not going to be sick (or sick for very long) and he’s a little under the weather for two days (max) or not at all. Your’s truly feels an on-coming cold and knows that there’s nothing that can be done and enjoys her bout of illness for almost two weeks with tissues lodged firmly up each nostril.Oh, yeah, that’s hot.

Which are you? Saying that you will overcome something (and truly believing it) plus working towards making your goal a reality or the latter?

Now apply this to how you perceive yourself — how you’re putting yourself out in the universe and to others — about what you want in life.

A Real Life Example

Anyone else done with these abstractions? Do we have any volunteers?

~ Do you have examples of how you rebranded yourself? How did it go? Please share by adding a comment! ~

Hmmm, yes you, the frizzy-haired petite woman.

Yes, thank you. As some of you new subscribers (Wow! We went from 16 subscribers to over 50 in a couple of days! Thank you so much for being here!) may or may not have noticed, the theme of this blog has changed some. Random thoughts & creative sparks was my tagline and from that one can deduce that I was lackluster at best. A spark can be the catalyst that starts a fire but if the fire doesn’t take, assuming you’re camping and hungry and cold, a bunch of sparks can be irritating and if you’re like me, in a moment of blind anger just toss the piece of flint deeper in the woods.

Essentially, I was portraying that I’m just a little cog in a big machine; just a little blogger; just a little insignificant nobody.

NEWSLFASH: This is untrue. For both of us. We are extremely significant but the first person and only person, really, that we need to convince is ourselves.

The rebranding has begun: petite woman with big aspirations.

Take Away Inspiration — Just For You

You’ve probably seen this graphic before. I found it on a greeting card in Santa Fe, promptly bought it and have been meaning to frame it. I recreated the graphic here and would like you to have it.

Right click on the image and save it on to your desktop. Print this puppy out and keep it on your desk, fridge or wherever you feel you need that reminder to help putting your best you forward.

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