Ephemeral Affair de Cafe au Lait

My fleeting affair of the heart with Press Coffee

Calling, in a sing-song tone, with an alluring and familiar parfum:
the coffee beans are roasting.
Others, the non-aficionados, cannot appreciate the tartness,
like the tannins in brown leaves; the charred bits of burnt toast.
In the morning, it demands. In the afternoon, it beckons.
Some days I have strength; mostly I succumb.

Press Coffee chalkboard

Steam coils from the biodegradable cup; tendrils of scented vapor corkscrewing upwards.
Unassuming and slightly offensive umber liquid awaits the empyrean cream.
Unskilled hands let the cream fall to the bottom of the cup
resulting in a homogeneous disaster; an unrealized mass.

Finesse and a steady hand is equipment enough
to create delicate and delectable depictions of

Latte from Press Coffee

a growing palm frond

#Coffee art from @PressCoffee. As tasty as it is delicious. No more @Starbucks for me!

a budding plant with a delicate flower

The Press Coffee Latte that started it all

a heart enshrouded by its own radiating aura.

Martita signature

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