Making Stuff – The Tutu Episode

Tutu. That’s kind of a dumb-dumb word for an easy-to-make and super adorable fashion accessory that I can’t believe I’ve never owned until now. Childhood is wasted on children, I say.

Still, I’m a planned spontaneity kind of girl and the making of a white tutu wasn’t without a purpose. A 5K this Saturday where the folks who host the event will be throwing cornstarch-based dye at me and hubbs. Sounds like a blast. Surprisingly,  Hubbs did take some convincing. Don’t worry there will be before and after photos.

In addition to being a source of motivation to run more-ish, signing up for the Color Run was also a reminder that I needed to get some nice fun, albeit white, diggs.

Enter Pinspiration

Yup, I saw a pin on Pinterest on how to make a tutu as originally posted by and thought I could give this a twhirl. (Get it?)

Source: via Martha on Pinterest

Helpful tip: When making a tutu for an adult, you will need approximately 6 yards.

Show & Tell Your Tutu

Be proud and share your tutu-making-prowess with others.

crazy hair tutu lady

For extra bonus points (and if you work with cool people like I do), try and recreate this scene:

Martita signature

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