Crafting Success Story: A Mustaching (most-dashing) Pillowcase

I have always liked loved mustaches. Even before ‘staches were trendy.

I will continue to love them even when people no longer enjoy drawing minute handlebar mustaches on their fingers and holding them under their noses during conference meetings to see if anyone notices. Maybe I’m the only who has ever done that.

No matter.

For those who want to bring some fun into the bedroom or couch with an homage to the upper lip plumage, read on!

I Dream Of Mustaches With A Mustache Pillow

What do you think of this version of His and Her’s cover pillows? A debonair imperial mustache and kissable lips. Dashing, no?

Bed with mustache and lips pillow case

How To Make Mustache And Lips Pillows

Live next to awesome neighbors who celebrate the lesser known holiday tradition: “The 12 Mustaches Of Christmas.” As the name suggests, you create  12 handlebar mustaches and stake them into the ground on Christmas night so come Christmas morning the recipient can squeal in delight upon seeing their newly decorated front yard. And boy howdy, did we ever!

12 #mustaches of #christmas << We have the best neighbors. Ever.

Step 1 – Cut Out Your Mustache Template

If too specific, try getting some cardboard and then freehand your favorite style of mustache. That might be the hardest task of all as there are so many types of mustaches to choose from.  To get you started, here is a quick guide of some well-known mustache styles:

Mustache guide
Check out this awesome moustache-o-graph if you’re also contemplating growing a lip garden.

Step 2 – Trace Your Mustache Template

With black fabric pens, trace the outline of the mustache template and carefully and patiently fill in the area of the space. Use any remainder cardboard to protect the surface you’re working on. If you’re extra smart (which I wasn’t in this case), put that cardboard inside the pillow so the ink doesn’t bleed through to the other side of the pillow case. Bonus points for you.

#instacollage #mustache  #diy #pillow

RANDOM MUSTACHE FACT: From 1860-1916 the Uniform Regulations for the British Army Required Every Soldier to have a Mustache. hmm, sexy.

Step 3 – Create Your Lips Template

Using the mustache cardboard template, trace the cupid’s bow or philtrum (Boom! Just dropped a biology word on you! Bet you weren’t expecting that.) on to a piece of construction paper. As you can see in this image, I taped two pieces of construction paper together so the lips were close in size to the mustache. Now that the upper part of the mustache has been traced (avoid tracing the mustache’s wings), draw freehand the upturned corners of the lips. Then sketch the bottom part of the lips based on how pouty you like your lips to be.

#instacollage#instacollage #mustache  #diy #pillow

Step 4 – Color Those Lips Red

Same as before: trace the outline and color within the lines. However, I do recommend using tape to secure the corners of the template onto the pillowcase so you don’t accidentally make a Joker smile. 


RANDOM MUSTACHE FACT: There were spoons designed just for mustaches. The Moustache Spoon was used in Victorian England to protect the mustache whilst eating soup. Uh, it’s called a flavor saver for a reason!

Moustache spoon (silver) to protect the mousta...
Moustache spoon (silver) to protect the moustache when eating soup, by John Round & Son Ltd, Sheffield, 1904 Victoria and Albert Museum, London, museum no. M.18-2000 (Link) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ta Da!


Pillow mustache final product

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