Valentine’s Day Decorations

Love is in the air today. Yeah, maybe it’s fueled by consumerism but at its heart, this holiday, is asking us to think about spreading the love. And consume chocolate.

Who can be mad about that?

So I wanted to bring some of that feel-the-love feeling at home. And not surprisingly, many of these projects were inspired by pinterest.

The Valentine’s Day Decorations – Reveal

Happy Valentine's Day #diy

Valentine's Day decorations. #diy #travelinggnome

Shut up and kiss me! Love arrows. #ValentinesDay #diy

Pencil top heart art. #valentinesday #diy

How To Get The Look. Sorta.

Cupid’s Arrows

I made mine using the cheap and lazy method: paint dowel rods white, wrap with colorful thread, do not add feathers and glue (poorly with wood glue) felt hearts.

If you want to make them right, please check out the original post by Design Sponge.

Pencil Heart Art

This technique is mad-hard to do. I’m mad just looking at this pin now. Originally, this was done on a tote. Just look at it — being all perfect with no paint bleeding through and messing up the integrity of the heart-shape.

If you think you have what it takes to make a perfect pencil top heart, check out V and Co.

Word Art: Shut Up and Kiss Me

I’m noticing a trend here — finding images of art I like and then do not follow the directions. At all. Like not even close.

Inspiration For Moms asked that this be created with wooden blocks and spray paint. Doesn’t seem like a hard ask. Did I do that?

Not even in the slightest. But you could.

Not getting this whole Valentine’s Day celebration? Check out last year’s post Why Valentine’s Day?.

Happy Day Of Love!
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