10 Minute Mantra To A New Me

I’ve got a new experiment I want to try out. Just give it a whirl for a couple of months and see what happens. For 10 minutes each day I’m going to do some kind of exercise.

Wow, how’s that for vague? Almost noncommittal even. Well, I am two days in and I’m feeling more enthusiastic than anything I’ve ever tried before.

Trick The Brain

Brain scanning technology is quickly approachi...
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10 minutes? Doesn’t seem like that big of a challenge. What difference can you see doing anything (exercising, running, writing, reading) in 10 minutes?

Firstly, more of a difference then if you did nothing. Moreover, I’ve noticed and I’d wager I’ll continue to notice that after 10 minutes into the activity I starte feeling good. Really good.  Whether it be endorphins from running or that feeling of accomplishment when writing, but often that 10 minute mark comes and goes before I want to quit. To date I’ve done 20+ minutes of cardio each day, including running a 3K, which sounds way more sexy than 1.8 miles. But hey.

Beach Body Dreaming

Woof! What a hot mamacita! I’m hoping that after 10 minutes (at least) of cardio every day I can rock a bikini like this.

And then I would likely do something like this.

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