Hawaiian Adventure Sabbatical – Another Pictorial

Hi Everyone! I sure have missed you all these last couple of months. No specifics as to why this blog went dark other than life and all its responsibilities consumed me.  Then it was time for some well-deserved R&R and so I didn’t miss much of anything while I enjoyed a sabbatical in Hawai’i. I know, poor little ‘ol me.

Off On The Road To Hawai’i

Like Bing Crosby and Bob Hope we we’re off on the road but not to Morocco. Hubbs wanted to write our own version. Enjoy!

We’re off on the road to Hawai’i
We’re schlepping enough for a month
Where we’re eating, what we’re eating
How can we be sure?
I’ll lay you 8 to 5 we’ll eat some pineapple.
(And sushi!)

We’re off on the road to Maui,
It’s 85 degrees humid and bright.
The men dance with fire, wear grass skirts and roast out in the sun.
It seems to me there should be an easier way to get a tan.
We certainly got out of too00-o-o-o-wn!
Like humuhumunukunukuapua’a we’re Hawai’i bound!

Although there’s many activities
We haven’t any plans.
The locals will assist of course
So they can charge us out the rear.

We certainly do get aroooo-o-o-o-und.
Like a pig roasting at a luau we’re Hawai’i-bound.
Or, like a tidal wave that started off the coast of Japan that is headed towards the continental United States.

We’re Hawaiiiiiiiiii’i-bound!

Hawai’i In Photos

Just like my Santa Fe Surprise Adventure, please hover for descriptions and silly notes.

Doraku Sushi - local Hawaiian ahi tuna with. Macadamia nuts
Doraku Tuna Tataki - local Hawaiian ahi tuna with crispy garlic and garlic aioli

Make your own Hand Roll Sushi is the best gas station food. Ever. #instacollage

Scenic point in Oahu continued.

Mai Tai from Hula Grill in Wakiki. There's an umbrella in my pineapple in my Tiki Man drink.

Coconut creme brûlée served in a pineapple.

Cessna Coachbus to Maui. We deserve a drink now.


The entrance. Wow
On the grounds
Coy fishes at the hotel

Vanilla ice cream with fresh fruit and mini coconuts.
Kula Botanical Garden
P1030876 P1030874 P1030875 P1030894 P1030890 P1030891 P1030892 P1030893 P1030899 P1030917 P1030919 P1030976 P1030980


Ali'i Kula Lavendar

Lavender toes
Behind the lavender you can see the coast. #wow #beautiful #hawaii #maui

Maui Winery wine tasting!

Home of the Maui Blanc

The original Coconut's Fish Cafe. And per my usual I had the fish tacos with its 17 delish ingredients #stuffed #foodie #fishtacos

Passion fruit, guava and coconut Hawaiian shaved ice.

Hiking up Pipiwai Trail. #latergram #hawaii

Hasegawa General Store - built in the early 1900s and owned by one family for generations. You can get your pre-made spam sushi or dog food here.

Inside Mama's Fish House - three sashimis with black, red and garlic sea salt. #latergram #maui #foodie #sushi

Inside Mama's Fish House - fresh Ono with coconut milk, lime, tomatoes and Maui onions. Oh yeah, and served in a fresh coconut.

Mama's Fish House. Ono in a panang curry with coconut milk. Wowie. So good. #foodie #latergram #curry #maui
Night lights at Mama's Fish House. #nofilter #latergram #maui


We have arrived. Morimoto Wakiki. #oahu #sushieveryday

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