Curly Hair Problems

It’s time for another misadventure with your host, Littlest Martha! As with all misadventures, the intentions are always good and the results are always surprising.

The Problem We Wanted To Solve — Saving Time In The Mornings

I’m not unique from other women who like to get up in the morning and make their hair and face all purdy. I’ve gotten so good that I can do both at the same time. The learning curve was steep and the burn marks on my face were proof to my attempts at multitasking.  Then I started carpooling. This helped the road rage. Immensely. But it made for rushed mornings as I was, on average, the one who was always a couple minutes late.  It should be helpful to know reader that I carpool with men who have the luxury of showering the night before, rolling out of bed and getting in to their cars ten to 15 minutes before the carpool leaves.

So off I went to the Interwebs looking for curlers that I could set the night before, sleep in and, ideally, roll out of bed like my carpooling counterparts and — Viola! — nice hair.

How Do Others Do It?

With the thanks to YouTube I was able to see what other people were doing to style their hair the night before. I found this video (fast forwarded a lot) and thought I would give the curlers a shot.

I ordered the Conair Pillow Rollers from Amazon and waited patiently.  Not so patiently, actually.  I dreamed of all the things I would do with the new free time in the morning. Things like breakfast.

What The Heck Did I Do Wrong?

And now it’s time for the reveal! I pulled the curlers out and tossed my head around, ran my fingers through it but the curls were so tight.  Oy! What the heck did I do wrong?!

Crazy Curly Hair

What Do You Do To Get Ready In The Morning?

Do you have any time-saving tips or tricks? Please share as I would love to learn some tried and true techniques to make the mornings smoother.

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