We Be Gardeners


Gardener: A person who gardens or is skillful at gardening.

Well, so far, only the former. Today, Dec. 1. 2013, we started to work some Arizona dirt into rows, added organic fertilizer and put wood chips so we could walk between the produce. Time will tell on the latter.

It’s December. Who starts a garden in December?

Yeah, so we’re a little late to the season. However, today’s high was 73 degrees. That’s not what winter feels like. At least not to Hubbs and I who are used to that East Coast weather around the tune of 48 degrees or worse. So, we’re not complaining. Even though the books and blogs are saying we should have planted weeks or months ago so we could be harvesting the winter garden now, we’re hopeful. It could be that it’s all the lush green veggies that surround us in the community garden or it could be that we’re just a good blend of stubborn and ignorant.

English: Seedling
English: Seedling (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Welcome to a warm community.

It might be worth noting that we’re not gardening in our backyard. That space is spoken for with citrus trees and other flowering ornamental plants. We’re gardening in good company at Agritopia‘s community gardens. Check out these images from their Instagram feed. Does this look like winter?


But I digress some. Since securing our lot (the previous day) we’ve met some warm folks like our garden neighbors who, we’ve learned, eat habaneros like they’re no big deal. In fact, they want us to take some Japanese eggplant, habaneros and advice. We’re eager to take all of the above, especially the pointers.  Apparently, swapping (not really bartering), is pretty common. We’ll learn (pretty excited about this!) that the gardeners produce more produce than can be consumed and so it’s typical for gardeners to be offering veggies to other gardeners, friends, family members and acquaintances.

Huh, come to think of it, we were given some produce when we first meet these guys and it quickly fueled our desire to be gardeners too. Maybe that’s how to turn acquaintances in to friends. Here, enjoy this squash. Well, it would work on me.

Then we met Mike. He taught us about WWOOF, Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms, that there is a yoga studio I really want to go to and, well, just an all around nice guy.

Gardener: an optimist; someone who thinks that tomorrow will bring good things.

Like brussels sprouts. Well, it is a winter garden after all.

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