From Chicago To Brazil – A Week Of Adventures and Misadventures

I’m getting better about traveling for work.  However, there is always some unplanned event that catches me off guard. Enter this week’s misadventure.

On A Plane. Again.

memorable flight

We fly Southwest and that’s fine by me.  However, Southwest seems to offer this make-a-new-friend or have-a-great-story-by-sitting-next-to-a-complete-stranger seating arrangement program. Generally, passengers  follow some basic flight etiquette, which is to say that we understand that we don’t have to talk to one another.  The woman on my right was polite but oblivious to my clues that I didn’t care to converse for the three and a half hour flight.  She flipped through two magazines and fidgeted in her seat and went so far as to put her leg on top of the tray table to get more comfortable. I lost sight of her as she rummaged through her carry on to pull out: “sleeping pills.”  She shook them like maracas. What do you say to that? Hooray!?  So, I smiled.  Soon after, the flight attendant came to take our drink order.  Her libation of choice: vodka tonic.  Someone was clearly a little nervous about flying.

After throwing back the pills and chasing it with some vodka and club soda there was a moment of silence. But only a moment. Her dreams of not having enough cheese at the party and conducting an orchestra must have been vivid given her mutterings and hand gestures. But, truthfully, my heart goes out to her.  She startled herself awake and she apologized  that she often talks in her sleep and then, promptly, feel back to sleep. 

Balmy Chicago Weather

The weather was completely fine in Chicago. Yes, provided I didn’t go outside, the weather was a balmy 20 degrees. And it snowed. 

I understand you now, Snowbirds. I understand why you come down to Arizona to partake in our 80-degree-winters and Spring Training games. To self medicate, I took to hot cocoa and bubble baths. Just dreadful, really.

Carnaval do Brazil After Mexican Food in Scottsdale

Tita The Bandita

Barrio Queen in Scottsdale had been calling my name for some time. Thankfully this weekend I was able to try their tacos and churros before heading to The Venue for the 5th Anniversary of  Carnaval Do Brazil.  The restaurant’s decor and artwork really spoke to me. Like this piece by Phoenix artist Angel Diaz.  She reminds me of my alter ego — Tita The Bandita.  Mayhaps, I’ll reach out Mr. Diaz and see if he’d commission a piece. 

With the margaritas consumed and the churros inhaled, the time had come to shake our stuff at Carnaval! And while I think we did a good job sometimes it’s best to leave the shaking of assets to the professionals.

Like these samba dancers:

I wonder what this week will bring.

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