Fifth of July and Feeling Grateful

Watch out now! Here comes a rambling post, but there will be some goodies for you here too.

Focusing On The Positive

above the cloudsI think most of us feel independent after the 5th of July, like the Eddie From Ohio song (especially if you happen to live in the United States), however today I feel grateful. The opposite of how I usually feel when I come to this blog and realize that it’s been a month since I last wrote something.  Oof! But, hey, it’s OK.

Can we all agree that there is enough negativity in this world? So let’s focus on the positive things in our life and show some gratitude as it is much more nourishing.  This exercise can be a little difficult when you’re in the thick of it and the stress of everyday life is just raining down.  I feel you, brother/sister.

But let’s try this together:

  1. Give yourself permission to take a deep breath. And by “deep breath” we’re talking about filling up your lungs and diaphragm so much so that you feel your shoulders lift up.
  2. Slowly exhale and allow the air to leave your lungs first and then your diaphragm.
  3. Take as many deep breaths as you need.
  4. Remind yourself that each breath is a gift and so are you.  Go further and, silently, tell yourself that you are grateful for you.

If that is too hokey for you, no worries, try this one on for size. Start a running list (either write it down or think of them) of the things you are grateful in your life.  It can be anything from serious things to silly things.

Littlest Martha’s List Of Things She’s Grateful For:

    • Myself: my mind, body and spirit.
    • My health: that I am strong, I can see, hear and walk.
    • My husband: the person I am most myself with.
    • My family: near or far but always in my heart.
    • My dogs: their unconditional love and never ending shedding.
    • My friends: the new ones that you can share life’s stories and the old ones where you can begin where you left off.
    • My home: a safe place to be ourselves and enjoy our mementos from past adventures.
    • Where I live: the beauty of the desert with her vast sky and bright colors, if you know where to look.
    • The country I live in: the freedoms I can enjoy here that might otherwise be denied to me.
    • My job: not just the security that I can provide for myself and my family but that I enjoy the work I do.
    • Yoga: the lessons in breathing and loving myself (a big inspiration for this blog post).
    • Acupuncture: the reminder to return to balance.
    • Dancing: the joy I feel when I move my body to the music.
    • My creativity: for never shutting out the importance of creating something; anything.
    • Vegetables: for their variety, flavor, nutrients and keeping me satisfied.
    • Flash fiction:  a medium I didn’t know existed until recently and enabled me to publish my first story, Calaveras On The Coffee Table.

desert in bloom


What are you grateful for?

Doing What You Like First

Eat your dinner first and then you can have dessert. Clean your room and then you can play. I’m not sure if this behavior of doing what is out of obligation before you can reward yourself with something you want to do is still strong with you but I fight with this one. All. The. Time.

Today was a prime example. There are chores that I want to get done every weekend and I’ve become quite efficient at completing within two hours, but I can go down the rabbit hole of cleaning and if I don’t catch myself (like setting a timer) I will be organizing the pantry or garage (which are much larger projects).  I’ve noticed that that these obligatory tasks, feel great when done, are distractions from the things I really want to do.

So, if you’re like me, try doing the things you like first. Play before you work, especially if you’re at risk of never making time for play. Play time may look different for adults (for me it’s writing this blog post), but play time is certainly not just for children.


Saving The Best For Last

I am grateful for you, dear reader. Maybe you don’t post comments (and that’s alright), but I’m glad that you’ve found something on this blog that you enjoyed, read and shared.

Thank you, or as they say after each yoga class, Namaste. 

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2 thoughts on “Fifth of July and Feeling Grateful

  1. You’re right. As adults we’ve forgotten that short but important sentence….”can so and so come out to play?” Play is something to be grateful for….so out I go…to play!

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